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Tips: Keep content hot; rotate selection; avoid tater-tots.

It’s mighty chilly in the art-hovel tonight. Put an extra scoop of super-protein powder en el arroz con frijoles to help warm the froze toes. [BTW, for those still squeamished-out by that Food Lion tape, consider an alternative. Miss B’s never scraped slime from her lentils; her address book is an entirely different matter.]

Which brings us to the question of journalism blogs. [Non sequitur? Non really.]

Call me cavewoman, but I still think j-blogs serve as protein-boosters to The Man’s take on news. Most do not perform much original reporting or break stories. Most, not all.

The great j-blogs, however, have hot content and variety and aren’t simply dehydrated rehashings of other folks’ potatoes.

Offer for your clicking-consideration:

Reason magazine’s Hit-n-Run.

When punk-rock anarchists grow up, they head for Reason’s libertarian politics.

The fun of Reason is its love of choice. Heck, they named their anthology CHOICE. Choose a free, free-market economy. Yep, legalization of drugs, sex-work, rock-n-roll. Choose a free-minded cultural ecology. Every idea, every scheme, every voice—bring it. Sure, it gets a little loopy in Libertarian-Land, but it’s well worth a gut-check and a click now and then.

At the other end of the political spectrum, stumbled upon the trowel-wielders at TruthDig.

These progressives are new to me, but seem to be doing decent original reporting—very dear to Miss B’s ticker. The site is bulging with perspicacious pieces. Suggest you head to the “Interviews” section for Gore Vidal on the Oscars. Gorgeous.

For personal reportage, have to logroll for the man largely responsible for my journalism career [have his address should you want to send him a freighter of fungal tomatoes for this shameful act], Neal Pollack.

Neal and I haunted the same smelly and wonderful spots in Chicago. He being a then-staffer for the Chicago Reader; me being a snoop with hopes. He could’ve cut me off at the pass; instead, he granted me a pass at one of his cover pieces. We have the goods on each other so we stand together at delish detente. Anyhoo.

Neal’s blog focuses on parenting the lively and brilliant Elijah alongside the stalwart and comely Regina, his wife. I’m not a parent. I do not like most children. But I do like Neal’s ear for dialogue and his take on what Gen-X parents endure, especially when contrasted with similar situations from our youth.

For bracing giggles, we should all visit the poor blokes who have to deal with our comma issues.

Testy Copy Editors is not a blog per se, but a discussion board. These guys and gals save our collective butts on a daily basis. And they don’t forget. So it behooves us not to forget them.

Bonus: You’ll learn to perfectly punctuate dirty jokes.




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